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Sultans of the Kuzey are ready for the Season

Sultans of the Kuzey are ready for the Season

02 October 2018

Kuzeyboru volleyball team who will compete in the professional league of Turkey Women Volleyball season (2018-2019) will be ready for new the season by the end of this week. Kuzeyboru who attracts attention with preseason transfers is now more assertive with the names such as Dilek BATARAY, Naz ZENGİN,Ayça TOKAT,Gözde KESKİ With technical and tactical practices conducted in Ataturk ındoor sports hall, Kuzeyboru team is ready for the new season. The head coach Tuncay OCAL indicated that : We accomplished great things in a very short time and waiting for the new season excitedly and going on our practices beatifically.Our players are more powerful now. As Kuzeyboru Sport this year, we would like to impress the season and achieve great successes. Our goal is to complete the season as the first team, we will rise to the place we deserve by revealing our strength in the final stages. Administrative manager, Cemalettin KAŞ, made a statement about new season; We believe in our technical team and players and our aim is to form the Kuzeyboru team who plays to be first and Aksaray will be proud of our team and of course to create a well-known name as Kuzeyboru Sport in Turkey. With our observations and the desire of our players, we believe that Kuzeyboru Sport will impress the new the season

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