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We are in Dubai

We are in Dubai

12 June 2018

Having signed under the prestigious projects with the slogan of "the brand searched in the world, Kuzeyboru continued its overseas studies with the Dubai Miracle Garden project, which entered the Guinness book of records in Dubai.

The project, which was carried out in Dubai, a city with a coffeehouse and which will provide breathing for nature, was realized on a 72.000 m2 area . The pipes that have been produced and used in Dubai for various fields such as sewerage, drinking water and drainage projects are located in this gigantic place which is located in 75.000 m2 area and has 50 million flowers by creating a walking area filled with flowers and butterflies in Dubai city.

The Kuzeyboru brand was in the pipeline, The Miracle Garden of Dubai, which entered the Guinness book of records with this gigantic flower garden, has a live butterfly garden at the same time. With its high quality, HDPE Pipe - Corrugated Pipe - Cable Protection pipes and other pipes and fittings in high prestigious projects, which is the brand searched in the world , has always been pleased to be in such a magnificent project that the customer is always with the satisfaction.

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