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  • 280MM PN 6 Hdpe Pipe is here with the best price. Get information from the live support line now. Contact us by clicking on our contact page . Get our 280MM PN 6 hdpe pipe price offer with discount.

    Why 280MM PN 6 Hdpe Pipe?

    Our Hdpe Pipes bring water to your home with a lifetime. Do not forget to get a price with 280MM PN 6 Hdpe Pipe, which stands out with its high quality and reasonable price advantage .

    280MM PN 6 Hdpe Pipe Features

    Hdpe Pipe will be indispensable for your projects with its lifetime. It is produced from European Standards in line with the demands of our customers. We maximize customer satisfaction with 280MM PN 6 Hdpe Pipe , which passed tests in our Akretide pipe laboratory .

    How to Join 280MM PN 6 Hdpe Pipe?

    Two techniques are currently used for Hdpe pipe joining methods; These are
    Electrofusion (EF) Welding
    - Butt Welding
    280MM PN 6 Polyethylene Hdpe Pipes can be easily made using fittings. You can get information about Polyethylene Pipe joining methods from live support.

    280MM PN 6 Hdpe Pipe Specifications and Advantages

    Our 280MM PN 6 Pe100 pipes are produced with high quality standards and high technology. Pe100 pipes, which are the most prominent in pressurized drinking water pipes, will be indispensable for your projects with their ease of transportation.
    We protect the environment; We do not harm the environment with 280MM PN 6 Hdpe Pipe. The energy used in our production is much less compared to other pipes. It does not release gas to the nature during the application and is compatible with nature since it does not contain harmful toxins.
    Ease of Installation; It also provides ease of laying with its 280MM PN 6 Hdpe Pipe combination style. Whichever form of joining is used, it can be dragged to the application point after a few joins. Among the indispensable features of 280MM PN 6 Hdpe Pipe, especially in city ​​infrastructure projects, such as the fact that it can be cut easily, that it can be added by many methods, and that it is very easy and robust joining compared to other pipe systems .
    Lifetime; 280MM PN 6 Hdpe Pipe is a durable pipe that you can use safely in your projects. Hdpe pipe, which reduces the infrastructure cost with its long service life, also reduces your investment cost. 280MM PN 6 hdpe pipe life has a life of up to 100 years, depending on the project conditions.

    If you want to have this privileged 280MM PN 6 Hdpe Pipe, visit our contact page immediately. Take advantage of advantageous prices.


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