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Drainage Pipe

Kuzeyboru Drainage pipe are produced as self-muffed corrugated pipes from 100 mm to 1000 mm. Drainage pipes are also produced as spirally wound from 800 mm to 2400 mm in accordance with TS EN 13476-3 and DIN 16961-16566 international standards. Also we are able to produce in desired diameters and lenghts as per the client demands.


What is a Drainage Pipe?

Developing technology and increasing urban population from past to present have increased the need for infrastructure systems. Increasingly, the need for infrastructure has led countries to attach importance to infrastructure.

The fact that infrastructure systems, especially sewage and wastewater infrastructures have become very important all over the world, has increased investments in this field. These projects were intended to be used for many years instead of meeting daily needs. Drainage Pipe, which is preferred for the transportation, purification and reuse of sewage and rain water with pipelines, is the most preferred pipe system today.

Drainage pipe, whose infrastructure systems are being meticulously made all over the world today; It has become indispensable for infrastructure projects with its flow performance, resistance, long life, resistance to chemicals and many other features.


Usage Areas of Drainage Pipe

Drainage Pipe, which has proven itself with its durability and superior performance, is used to facilitate the transportation of water from one point to another.
Its main purpose is; It is the transportation of wastewater from houses, office buildings, industrial areas and many areas. The purpose of use is to carry water in the most efficient way without causing water accumulation, to prevent flooding and soil erosion.
While the Drainage Pipes produced specifically for your project can be used to carry water from the roofs, they are used to carry water from underground in infrastructure projects. Get an offer to buy the most suitable Drainage Pipe by gaining the appreciation of infrastructure projects with the developing world system.

Drainage Pipe Types

In infrastructure systems, where clean environment and public health are among the most important issues, the transportation of polluted water without mixing with nature is an issue that should be carefully considered.
For this reason, it is very important to choose the most suitable Drainage Pipe in infrastructure projects.
In order to offer the most suitable Drain Pipe for your project, send an e-mail to with the details of your project. You can also call us by visiting our contact page.

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Drainage Pipe Diameter(mm)

You can get detailed information by clicking on our products below.
You can use our live support line for Drainage Pipe diameters in the range of 800-2000mm, you can take advantage of our special prices by clicking the get price button
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SN 4

SN 8

  • 100 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 100 MM Drainage Pipes
  • 150 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 150 MM Drainage Pipes
  • 200 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 200 MM Drainage Pipes
  • 250 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 250 MM Drainage Pipes
  • 300 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 300 MM Drainage Pipes
  • 350 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 350 MM Drainage Pipes
  • 400 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 400 MM Drainage Pipes
  • 450 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 450 MM Drainage Pipes
  • 500 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 500 MM Drainage Pipes
  • 600 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 600 MM Drainage Pipes
  • 700 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 700 MM Drainage Pipes
  • 800 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 800 MM Drainage Pipes
  • 1000 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 1200 MM Drainage Pipe
  • 1200 MM Drainage Pipe

Drainage Pipe Weight Table

You can get the information and technical chart for Drainage Pipes of Kuzeyboru from the chart in the left.
All other technical details and information you may be interested in you can know by calling our line 444 65 38.
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Drainage Pipes and Fittings of Features

Powerful; Drainage Pipe has very strong resistance to corrosive gases and chemicals. It is resistant to rust and abrasion. Due to its light weight, it allows it to be used frequently in difficult terrain conditions.

100 Years Life; The Drain Pipe is resistant to abrasion and chemicals, allowing it to perform better than other types. Drainage Pipe is the most preferred pipe in projects with a life of 100 years compared to other systems. Drainage Pipe can be used safely in deep fills due to its compatibility with soil and pipe interaction.

Affordable Cost; The drainage pipe, which can be easily laid with its ease of transportation and light weight, provides significant cost savings in your project.

Easy setup; Drain Pipe use and field installation are easier and more reliable, reducing installation time and cost. Our pipes, which are assembled with fewer connections, provide more efficient installation. When it is preferred in underground works, its most important feature is easy assembly.

Protects the Environment; In addition to the advantages it provides with the production, transportation and installation of the drainage pipe, it does not harm the environment in this process. Drain Pipes with a life of 100 years are highly recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Advantages of Drainage Pipes and Fittings

» It has high corrosion resistance.
» It shows very little resistance to liquid thanks to its smooth internal structure.
» It provides ease of transportation and application due to its light weight.
» Kuzeyboru Drainage Pipe, it has a guaranteed life of 100 years against external factors.
» High abrasion resistance does not cause leakage under the ground. It does not pollute the environment.
» Joining with the gasket method provides the opportunity to combine without the need for additional equipment.
» It does not break in sudden loads.
» Kuzeyboru Drainage Pipe, with its elastic structure, it is not affected by movements such as earthquakes and landslides.
» Perforated and non-perforated production can be made.

Drainage Pipes Joining Method

Kuzeyboru drainage pipes are manufactured to be resistant to external loads. Drainage Pipes, which are used safely in their projects with their high price and quality, are also easy with their joining methods.

There are important criteria that must be followed during pipe joining. It is very important that there are no weak zones around the pipes in underground applications. The bottom of the pipe should also be filled with filling materials. The correct filling process ensures that the pipe is used for many years without any problems. If this process is not done correctly, the loads and other forces it will be exposed to create the risk of collapse.

Self Muff and Gasket Joining Method: Gaskets are placed in the first ring of the socket part of the pipe. The other side is clamped by hand (or using a crowbar) and attached to the second protrusion of the tube. The final shape of the gasket should be such that the gasket is out when installed. Gasket materials such as soap or silicone should be used prior to assembly to ensure that they fit into leak-proof or snap-on parts.


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Drainage Pipe Price List

Here are the current 2023 Drainage Pipe Price lists. You can also fill out the order form at +90 382 266 23 03 and contact us at

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