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Kuzeyboru Dredging Pipe

Kuzeyboru HDPE Dredging Pipes are manufactured two type; Two Flanged End HDPE Pipe One Flanged End HDPE Pipe


Kuzeyboru HDPE Dredger Pipes flanged ends;

Kuzeyboru HDPE Dredgers are used in many project in the world such as salt water pressure dredgers, dam dredings, sea water discharging, muddy water dredging projects. From sea water to mining dredger, from muddy beach to agriculture... From Lagos to Capetown, from Murmansk to Madrid, from Mersin to Le Havre... On the seaport project you'll find our dredger hdpe pipes...

Kuzeyboru making your job easy...

Kuzeyboru experiences taking your job from your shoulders.... We are producing, cutting, preparing, welding and shipping you only connect ans continue to discharging dums of sewater... Our HDPE Dredger Pipes are adding value of your hdpe dredging pipe projects and we making short your project timing.Call us and take comply hdpe dredging pipes flanged and welded

2022 Dredging Pipe Price List

Here are the current 2022 Dredging Pipe Price list. Contact us to get best price and you can take an information by calling +90 382 266 23 03 or

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