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Kuzeyboru Dredging Pipe

HDPE Dredging Pipes are manufactured with High Density Polyethylene loads and are produced in various sizes to be used mainly in seas, for the transportation of sand sea and for mud use. Kuzeyboru HDPE Dredging Pipes are in two types; Two Flange End HDPE Pipe is produced as Single Flange End HDPE Pipe.


Kuzeyboru HDPE Dredgers are used in many projects around the world such as salt water dredging vessels, dam dredging, sea discharge, muddy water dredging structures. Dredging Pipes are welded with two HDPE Flange sleeves and two Steel Flanges to join the pipes and closed with Buoys - Floating Clamps to keep them above sea.
HDPE Dredging Pipes are easy to transport, install and use pipes for all dredging or draining structures. Dredger pipes are preferred for mobile applications, mud dredging and mining purposes. Kuzeyboru, which makes your job easier.


Dredging Pipes Everywhere

Kuzeyboru HDPE Dredgers are used in many project in the world such as salt water pressure dredgers, dam dredings, sea water discharging, muddy water dredging projects. From sea water to mining dredger, from muddy beach to agriculture... From Lagos to Capetown, from Murmansk to Madrid, from Mersin to Le Havre... On the seaport project you'll find our dredger hdpe pipes...


Hdpe Dredging Pipes Usage Area

HDPE Dredging Pipes can be applied to clean mud above the sea.
It is used in dredging projects from lake and ocean.
It can be used in mining projects and for the Chemical industry.
River discharge applications are also preferred with HDPE Dredging Pipes.
Dredging of sea sand is also the usage area of HDPE Dredging pipes.
Dredge Pipes crews and Marine uses for evacuation and shipping.


Advantages of Dredging Pipe and Fittings

HDPE dredging pipes are generally produced in different diameters and thicknesses, with stud ends and support rings at both ends. It must be a pipe with flanges welded to the ends and some grooves in it, and they use it specifically for dredging project.
Polyethylene Pipes have mechanical and chemical resistance. against heat and weather changes. Another feature of PE pipes is that they neutralize the sea salt and chemical products on them.
Dredge Pipes can be easily applied thanks to light movements and buoyancy. Dredger Pipes have various contents that can be applied with great preference.
Screening of HDPE pipes has a long life HDPE Dredging Pipes have resistance to internal and external impacts of dredging pipes used for discharging heavy sludge and damage the pipes due to foreign substances inside.
Dredging pipes have corrosion resistance
Due to its light weight, dredging pipes are easy and quick to install.
Dredging Pipes can be applied in all above water projects.
At the same time, Dredging Pipes are used with rubber hose, which has good plasticity and can withstand strong wind and waves.

Dredging Pipe Price List

Our HDPE Dredging Pipes, Hdpe Dredging Pipes add value to your projects and we shorten your project timing. Call us and get suitable hdpe dredge pipes, flanged and welded. Here are the current 2023 Dredging Pipe Price list. Contact us to get best price and you can take an information by calling +90 382 266 23 03 or

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