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How to come out Kuzeyboru name?

After the company's partners met while they are in the plastics industry, Kuzeyboru was born in 1999 as an idea put forward in a cigarette-smoking room during periods when cigarettes were not yet forbidden. The company was made ready for the company's establishment after the study feasibility with working by founders.



Establishment of Hdpe Pipe Production Plant

In those years, the company was established for production of HDPE (Polyethylene) Pipe, known as PE100. Then the plant started to be built for the production to take place. Thus, 1260 m² area allocated to Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone, the foundations of "The brand searched in the world" were named.

First Export Sales

The time has come for dominate in the plastics industry for Kuzeyboru on the road to produce plastic pipes and fittings and to say in the whole world. The KUZEYBORU its first export sales and realized in Turkey in 2001.



The quality was increasing and Kuzeyboru preferred

Kuzeyboru Hdpe Pipes has become a preferred company with its sprinkler pipes, cable casing pipes and plastic pipe fittings, attracting the attention of the market because of its high quality and the best price. Shipments in Turkey and export sales are still continues

Expanding Production Range

Kuzeyboru Pe 100 has created a large product network with hdpe pipes, corrugated pipes, cable casing pipes, pvc pipes, pprc pipes and its fittings. And has been an arbiter in Turkey where the idea of KUZEYBORU has decided in a smoking room.



Developing Technology and Knowledge

While Kuzeyboru continued its sales activities, it needed to be closer to its customers in the modernizing world. And with the most modern site of the area,, the unavoidable rise has continued still.

Leader of Export: Kuzeyboru

When it showed the year 2007 in the road leading to the production of Kuzeyboru, polyethylene pipes and fittings, it carried out the 200th export and found wide place in local and national press. A success story was written with more than 200 exports to 54 countries.

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