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      Hdpe Pipes

      HDPE pipe and fittings are produced from high density polyethylene raw material. Uses in drinking water, municipal, industrial, marine, mining, storage, canal and agricultural area. HDPE pipe is strong, durable, flexible and lightweight. HDPE pipes and fittings are the best choice with their high quality, cost and performance.High density polyethylene pipes resist to corrosion, abrasion and high resistance to chemical resistance. HDPE pipes with 50 years life long term being produced by KUZEYBORU based in Turkey and are shipped all over the world.The HDPE pipes weight table give you more information.

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      Drainage Pipes

      Drainage Pipe are the best choice with its high resistance and strength in industrial waste water systems and conveying systems. Corrugated Drainage Pipe are lightweight and resistant to processes and equipment that require durability. Drainage Pipe are preferred because of increasing the awareness about environmental pollution and transportation of wastes and having resistance against chemical wastes. Drainage Pipes are spreading rapidly with long life, ease of installation, easy maintenance, repair and compatibility and environmental protection.

      Perforated Drainage Pipes

      Perforated drainage pipe is produced in 3 types of pipes, corrugated perforated pipe and pvc perforated pipe. Kuzeyboru HDPE pipe depending on the customer request is created holes in the outer surface at certain holes.Perforated Drainage pipes are determined by the tests and controls made of the strength of the pipes. With these holes created, it helps in the storage of solid wastes in the cleaning process. Perforated HDPE pipes is important pipe used in this field with its high resistance and impact resistance taking into the account our experience, we have produced the most appropriate perforated drainage pipes and have been made available to our customers.

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      Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe

      Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe with diameters from 800 mm up to 2000 mm diameters bigger sizes or smallers. Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipes; The application infrastructure has a wide network such as irrigation systems, sewer lines, domestic connections, rainwater and industrial applications, drainage systems and treatment plants. Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipes, thanks to the special design of the outer surface which is resistant to heavy traffic loads.More durable, better quality and lighter weight, large diameter pipes can be easily transported and installed.

      GRP Pipe

      GRP Pipe are specially manufactured for use in many type of projects, especially National Water Society, dams and HEPP projects. Kuzeyboru GRP pipes are produced at standard rigidity values for standard projects, as well as for special projects, they are produced at special rigidity values that go beyond the standard.The range of stifness is in standard SN500, SN1000, SN2500, SN5000, SN10000/m2 can be produced and special classes for special projects is possible as per the project necessaries. Kuzeyboru GRP pipes are produced in pressure class from 1 bar to 40 bar. You can contact us for special pressure range and SN class.


      PVC Pipe

      PVC Pipe is manufactured according to TSE CEN / TS 1452-7: 2014 and TS EN ISO 1452-4: 2011 standards.Kuzeyboru PVC Pipe, underground and high pressure water transport systems, irrigation systems, pressurized water networks, electrical and communication systems, chemical and industrial facilities, sewage, waste, discharge lines and sewage networks in the pool systems are used. It is used as water and waste materials in the unloading system.PVC pipes exhibit high resistance to impact and pressure against organic and inorganic acids and alkalis.

      Hdpe Cable Casing

      Due to the rapidly developing technology, density and high performance are needed in the infrastructure. Kuzeyboru HDPE Cable Casing pipes are the pipes of the infrastructure systems used for this rapidly developing communication and data transfer.It provides excellent performance in the telecommunications industry for the protection of Broadband and Coaxial cables. HDPE Cable Casing pipes used in power lines can be supplied with single, double or triple multiplexer and complementary components.HDPE cable conduit tubes made of high density polyethylene are resistant to and resistance to underground applications and environmental conditions.

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      Hdpe Ef Fittings

      Kuzeyboru HDPE Electrofusion fittings are manufactured the best quality and shipped and checked individually. With ease of use hdpe electrofusion fittings are the best choice with high quality. HDPE Electro Fusion Fittings are used in pressure water systems and PE 80 pipe systems and natural gas pipes with HDPE (PE100) pipe systems.HDPE EF Elbows, Hdpe EF Coupler, HDPE EF End Cap, HDPE EF Equal Tee, HDPE EF Tapping Tee, HDPE Ef Saddle .

      Hdpe Spigot Fittings

      Kuzeyboru HDPE Spigot fittings are preferred with high quality and the best price. With ease of use hdpe spigot fittings is the best choice with high quality. HDPE Spigot fittings are used in pressure water systems, PE 80 pipe systems and natural gas pipes with HDPE (PE100) pipe systems for ease of application.You can find HDPE Spigot Elbow, Hdpe Spigot Equal Tee, Hdpe Spigot Equal Tee, Hdpe Spigot Inequal Tee, Hdpe Spigot End Cap with Hdpe Spigot End Cap at best price


      Welding Machines of Plastic Pipes

      Kuzeyboru HDPE pipe welding machines are designed to be used in the most difficult conditions of use in all kinds of terrain. Plastic pipes our welding machines are manufactured for use in plastic pipe applications with high technology and user friendliness.We can help you with any special project. Kuzeyboru has strong experience, such as World Bank Projects, special customer projects, municipal and other public agency projects, you can communicate directly with us and use our plastic pipe welding services

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