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5. Kuzeyboru Youth Project Begins

5. Kuzeyboru Youth Project Begins

12 April 2022

Continuing to increase its investments in the future every year, Kuzeyboru will meet with university students within the scope of the "Kuzeyboru Youth Project", which will be held for the fifth time between 11/25 May this year. Being aware of adding value to our youth and being a light to them, Kuzeyboru continues its activities this year as well, so that our country can move forward with strong and confident steps in every field. In the events to be held between 11/25 May, Kuzeyboru Aksaray University, Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University, Mersin University, Çukurova University, and İskenderun Technical University will have the opportunity to have fun in the program organized for them. Within the scope of the event to be held at five universities; In the program that will start with the Pasta Bridge Competition, the students will try to be selected as the strongest bridge with the Spaghetti pasta given to them before. Bridges, which will be tested by placing weights on the bridges, will also be evaluated in terms of aesthetics.

Within the scope of Kuzeyboru Youth Project; 11 MAY 2022 - CUKUROVA UNIVERSITY, 17 MAY 2022 - AKSARAY UNIVERSITY, 18 MAY 2022 - MERSIN UNIVERSITY, 24 MAY 2022 İSKENDERUN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, and 25 MAY OMER HALISDEMIR UNIVERSITY. As Kuzeyboru Family, we value our youth and produce for our future.

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