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We Value Women

Kuzeyboru attaches importance to women and women's sports on every platform.The biggest indication of this is ; Kuzeyboru continues one of the major social responsibility projects of supporting women with Women's Volleyball Team competing in the Sultanlar League.

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We Raise Our Logo to The Top

While Kuzeyboru has successfully completed every project that has been signed with the awareness of being a sought – after brand at home and abroad, we also know how to bring our logo to the top in this social responsibility Project.

Solid Structure

TAs Kuzeyboru, we embrace success with 250 athletes in our structure in women's volleyball . We raise the Sultans of the Future’s with mental and physical trainings.



We Are Proud to Support Sport

As a company whose exports over 110 countries worldwidely and also Trading Plastic Pipes And Fittings to every region of Turkey , we areproud that giving women a value is one of the most important Social Responsibility Projects.

Please Visit Our Website

oYou can get news about the developments about our club, interviews with our players, standings and matches of the week by visiting our website

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