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Who Are We?

The Kuzeyboru company has entered plastic pipe sector 2001 and so far step to ensure that the progressive young, dynamic and educated workers with the inovaktif companies in the sector who signed the largest project in the world and Turkey and staff are members of the importance of a well-established family while.
Kuzeyboru is a company that provides engineering support to the production and infrastructure projects of plastic pipes and fittings and performs important duties in the sector and all the special projects of the world.




Kuzeyboru inertnational standarts and has accredited laboratories production capabilities to cover all plastic pipes standarts in the World. Our company has got ISO 9001 system certificate, ISO 14000 Environmental Certificate, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Management System Certificate, ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System,ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certificates. The products we manufacture are produced with a lot of European, American and international standards. EN (Europen Norm) - TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) -ISO-DIN.


The hard concrete is easier to process, mount and provide cost savings during.Constructive other pipes tend to crack and break.PE100 pipe is designed to withstand the impact of cold weather installations. In sea applications, the pipe can be mounted on the shore in long lengths and then fitted in place.

KUZEYBORU Plastic Pipe Factory's production of his Plastic Pipe and Fittings are listed in the following manner.

• Infrastructure products

     Drinking water pipes

        HDPE Pipe 100 High Density Polyethylene Drinking Water Pipes (20mm - 1200mm)

        LDPE PE32 Drinking Water Supply Pipes (20 mm - 63 mm)

        HDPE Electrofusion Fittings

        Additional HDPE Fittings (injection, fabrication, push-fit sticked)

        PVC Pipes for drinking water and PVC fittings (20mm - 400mm)

        Self Muffed Corrugated Pipe (100mm - 1000mm)

        Spiral Corrugated Pipe (800mm - 2000mm)

        PVC waste water pipes (50 mm - 250 mm)

     Gas Pipes

        PE80 natural gas pipes (20 mm - 400 mm)

        Hdpe 100 Natural Gas (20 mm to 500 mm)

• Telecommunication products

        Fiber optic sheath pipe and fittings (40 mm

        Telecom Corrugated pipe (50-75-90-100-110-150 mm) and fittings

• Agricultural products

     Sprinkler Pipes

        Latch sprinkler pipes and sprinkler (75 mm - 160 mm)

        Clamp the pipe and sprinkler (75 mm - 160 mm)

     Drip Pipes

• Bodywork products

        PPRC Pipes and Fittings

        PEX pipes and fittings

• Dredging Products

        Pe100 Dredging Pipe (110mm - 1200mm)

        Carrier Barges (the desired Capacity)

        Flexible Rubber Pipe (110 mm - 800 mm)



The our laboratories, production is controlled with computer systems at every stage and our engineers produce quality products by taking continuous and careful samples. Our main product tests are Internal Pressure Test, Density Test, Tensile Test, Break Test, Impact Test, Impact Test, Ring Stiffness Ring Test, Water Absorption Test and measurement tests.
The employer at our factory has a high level of education.
Kuzeyboru Hdpe Pipes is the most important element of prestigious projects with high performance and quality. Hdpe pipes which are used safely in mining, drainage systems, water networks, water transfer, gas collection lines will be your choice.


As Kuzeyboru we are a company that knows our social responsibilities, respects human beings, the environment and social culture, constantly carries out activities for them, and collects benefits as well as earning money. To provide customer satisfaction, we provide the best prices available at the highest quality possible. We provide instant solutions to all kinds of project and application problems and offer reasonable engineering solutions without cost. We think and practice the best for our employer and suppliers.Some of our revenue income to education, student scholarships, social activities and charities. We give away all the income of our Kuzeyboru accreditation laboratory to Mehmetçik Foundation. We focus on exports and work for our country.

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