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Integrity and honesty are our primary values in all our business processes and relationships. We act with integrity and honesty with our employees and with all our partners.



Information is one of the most important assets that Kuzeyboru can use to realize its vision. Effective use of information, sharing in the right direction and ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of information in this process is the shared responsibility of all our company and employees.

Avoid Conflict of Interest

As we are Kuzeyboru, we aim to stay away from conflict of interest. By taking advantage of our current position; personally, we do not provide personal benefit to individuals or organizations that we or our family members are in business with. We are not in business activity based on an additional financial outcome outside Kuzeyboru. We avoid using the name of Kuzeyboru, the power of ourselves, and our identity for personal benefit.



As we are Kuzeyboru, we act responsibly in our business activities. In addition to our legal responsibilities, We take care to fulfill our responsibilities towards our customers, our employees, our suppliers and business partners, our competitors, society and humanity.

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