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What is Kuzeyboru Gate Valve?

Kuzeyboru gate valves flowing of liquid, gas through it between the two sealing rings, disc closing perpendicular to the transition direction (with pushing) closing and opening their complete the mission. Gate valves are using on the hdpe pipeline, pvc pipeline or steel pipeline to use the water controls. 


What are the using areas of Gate Valves?

The Kuzeyboru gate valves closes with a flat surface, disc or slider and cuts off the water flow.Gate valves are used in Water, compressed air, chemical and liquid fuel lines. As the slider can be one piece it can be also many piece. Mostly preferred to work as full open or full closed. Kuzeyboru gate valves are used in many different areas such as textile, energy generation, rafinery, petrochemical plants and food facilities. As a flanged joining methods it provides ease of installation to the end user and time saving on the project.

Kuzeyboru Manual Command Butterfly Valve

Kuzeyboru butterfly valves, hand operator butterfly valves are used in many different ranges such as piping systems, petrolium, mining, textile, energy generation, refinery, petrochemical plants and food facilities. Flanged joining method allows to users to install on the project easily and save time. For more information and details please contact
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Kuzeyboru Air Valve

Kuzeyboru Air Valves using on discharge of the air in the pipelines which are pressured, operated in the hdpe pipes, air intake and the hydromechanical principle used to provide air ventilation. Air valves are provide the safety in the pipelines and the expected performance and provide air intake and air evacuation air valves. For air valves wrong section and mispositioning will be pipe line problems, this leads to a separate extra financial costs.
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2023 Gate Valve Price List

Here are the current 2023 Gate Valve Price list. Contact us to get best price and you can take an information by calling +90 382 266 23 03 or


Technological infrastructure

The kuzeyboru gate valve is produced from the beginning to the end with superior technological infrastructure.

Superior Performance

Kuzeyboru gate valve safely in your projects with durability and proven 100-year lifespan.

%100 Original Raw Material

Kuzeyboru provides its customers with the best service and provides the production with 100% original raw material.

Kuzeyboru Accredited Pipe Laboratory

Kuzeyboru production from the beginning to the end , our engineers makes all the tests and controlled at our accredited pipe laboratory in the every stage.

Infinite Production Technique

Kuzeyborugate valve produces solutions suitable for your projects and be near of the every prosess on production.

High Quality Reasonable Price

Kuzeyboru gate valve will be indispensable for your projects with high quality and reasonable price. Get in touch immediately.

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