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Corrugated Pipes

Corrugated pipe and Spiral corrugated pipe are the best choice with its high resistance and strength in industrial waste water systems and conveying systems


Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe

Spiral Corrugated Pipes - Large Diameter Corrugated Pipes, HDPE Spiral Corrugated Pipes with diameters from 800 mm up to 2000 mm diameters bigger sizes or smallers

Perforated Drainage Pipes

Perforated pipes of Kuzeyboru are produced in 3 types, namely PE 100 perforated pipe, corrugated perforated pipe and perforated pvc pipe. It is used for evacuation of undesired water absorbed into the ground or soil


Drainage Pipes with Geotextile

Drainage Pipes with Geotextile; They are produced by Kuzeyboru with Geotextile material put on drainage pipes

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