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Giresun Infrastructure is Cleaner with Kuzeyboru

Giresun Infrastructure is Cleaner with Kuzeyboru

26 July 2022

Kuzeyboru HDPE 100 infrastructure pipes were preferred within the scope of the "Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance-IPA", where the European Union continues its financial support for the necessary regulations and harmonization efforts for Turkey's full EU membership.

The total length of HDPE 100 infrastructure pipes produced by Kuzeyboru in the wastewater project carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and Giresun Municipality exceeds 5 km. With HDPE 100 pipes, approximately 41 stadiums long, wastewater in Giresun will be transported safely and risks such as possible mixing of fresh water and wastewater will be prevented.

As Kuzeyboru, while building the future, we continue our cooperation with the awareness of being an environmentally friendly company alongside modern technology. With the Giresun Wastewater Project, we are proud to have a share in our country's gaining a great qualification by reaching the wastewater transportation equivalent to the infrastructure projects in all Europe for full EU membership, and to serve all the institutions of our state in reaching the EU status of the Turkish nation.

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