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Organized Industry Directorates Prefer Kuzeyboru

Organized Industry Directorates Prefer Kuzeyboru

22 March 2021


Kuzeyboru continues to be the most preferred brand during  the 2020-2021 Organized Industrial Zones Management infrastructure investments of the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Kuzeyboru has carried out important duties in Industrial Zones, which are established for the development of our country and the development of cities where provided employment for millions of people. Kuzeyboru, who has succed to take place in  the infrastructure of Organized Industry Directorates in all 81 provinces with wastewater projects and drinking water projects, showed its difference in this field as well.

We took part in this important project by supporting all the infrastructure projects from the beginning to the end in the Industrial Zones, where the infrastructure of the model factories was established, and the important of this Project is indicated by Mustafa Varank, the Minister of Industry and Technology,  that "We became the country that increased the industrial production most among the G20 countries in December". .

Habib Özbek, our Sales and Marketing Manager, made a statement on the topic,

“In 2020, we took part in very valuable projects with the pipes we sent to 81 provinces of our country without compromising on quality, one of the most important among these projects was the industrial infrastructure of our country. We know that in the country our industrial production has increased by 21%. In this context, we have attached importance to each of our projects in order to have a developing infrastructure in the growing economy and the development of the country's economy. Today, in all the  the Organized Industrial Zone infrastructure Systems of Turkey  KUZEYBORU products is used. Taking part in these projects is very important and valuable for us, as Kuzeyboru, we will support and serve the economy of the country as we have done till now.

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