• What is the minimum quantity to order?

    Our firm works all required appropriate conditions to be able to answer to the customer requirements.Inventory control is done with the knowledge of ordering.In the absence of the desired products in stock,production plans revised,delivery time notification is made.There is no lower limit for your orders.

  • How can i learn stock status for the products i requested ?

    Our all products are almost special products.But especially we are trying to make stock for the products which we mostly transferred.For the Pe 100 pipes; 63-75-90-110-160 mm pipes,for the Pvc pipes;160-200-225 mm pipes,for the corrugated pipes;200-300-400 mm pipes are always exist in our stocks.

  • How can i reach to the closest dealers to me ?

    Our all products are almost special products.But especially we are trying to make stock for the products which we mostly transferred.For the Pe 100 pipes; 63-75-90-110-160 mm pipes,for the Pvc pipes;160-200-225 mm pipes,for the corrugated pipes;200-300-400 mm pipes are always exist in our stocks.

  • Is there a service Shipping included?

    We can bid your orders included transport ?

  • What is the conditions to return ?

    Because of our products has special structure,can not be returned except malfunction that may occur during quality and shipping.

  • What is your company operation hours?

    Our firm serve between 08:30 - 17:30 in the week .We Kuzeyboru don't work at the religious and public holidays.

  • What is your conditions for dealers ?

    At first,you need to contact to our sales department to be able to become a Kuzeyboru dealers.After that our firm makes a research,picking needed documents and informations and provides the conditions.

  • Which pipes we can use for potable water transport?

    You can transport potable water by our Hdpe pipes and pressured PVC pipes.Our pipes certified according to Turkish Food conditions.You can contact to our sales department for water pipes user preference .

  • What is the HDPE?

    Explaination of the HDPE pipe is High Density Polyethylene Pipe.Polyethylen is a petrochemistry product and plastic derivative chemical.

  • What is Pe 100 pipe ?

    PE 100 pipe manufactured with Pe 100 raw material which is a derivative of the raw materials high density polyethylene.This products in high pressure classes mostly stands out with the liquid carrying capacity.

  • How to calculate weight of the pipe ?

    When calculating the weight of the PE 100 pipe s the density value of the raw material is taken as basis with the pipe diameter and wall thickness.

  • According to what determines Pe 100 pipe fittings ?

    Pe 100 pipe systems are generally high pressured system.The fittings,pressure classes of the products,application area conditions which will be used in this systems,determines according to the special status on the systems working principles.According to this conditions,applied with Electro Fusion,Butt Welding and Push-fit fittings.

  • How long is Pe 100 pipe life?

    Pe 100 pipe lifetime is at least 50 years with the prediction,the actual lifetime is much higher than of this period.

  • What is the Pe pipe resistance against to chemicals ?

    Pe 100 pipe are durable against to alot of chemical material.You can find the chemical strenght table on the following link.

  • What is the minimum bending radius for PE pipe ?

    The most suitable minimum bending radius for Pe pipe s depends on SDR value.Calculation for the bend radius at 20 ° C expressed in the following table.Increasing values for bend radius below 20 degrees recommended.

  • What is the dimensions of Pe100 pipe coil winding?

    Pe 100 pipe s are made coils accordance with the minimum bending radius standards.Except the standard winding production made with the form of transport,butch size and nesting alternatives.

  • Which pipes can be made coil ?

    Pe coil pipe s able to delivered for the below diameters.Pe coil pipes able to deliver for the below diameters. 16 mm Pe100 Pipe (16-20 Bar and on) 20 mm Pe100 Pipe (16-20 Bar and on 32 mm Pe100 Pipe (10-16-20 Bar and on) 40 mm Pe100 Pipe (10-16-20 Bar and on) 50 mm Pe100 Pipe (10-16-20 Bar and on) 63 mm Pe100 Pipe (10-16-20 Bar and on) 75 mm Pe100 Pipe (10-16-20 Bar and on) 90 mm Pe100 Pipe (10-16-20 Bar) 110 mm Pe100 Pipe (10-16-20 Bar) 125 mm Pe100 Pipe (10-16 Bar)

  • Does Pe 100 pipe s are affected by sunlight ?

    Pe 100 pipe s are durable which has UV contribution.But the pipes which are without UV contribution damaged by exposure to sunlight.

  • Does Pe pipes exposed to corrosion?

    Pe pipes does not exposed to corrosion,does not lose wall thickness under the ground by any reacting.

  • Does Pe pipes float?

    Pe pipe can float on the seawater because of lightweight than water.Spesific weight of Pe pipe is 950 kg/m3.When we compared with water Pe pipes does not sink because of they are less than 1000 kg/m3.Besides,we are able to buoy the heavy and full with fluid pipes by the Floating products.

  • What is MRS ?

    Raw materials used in Polyethylen pipes and fittings according to the mechanic strenght,divided into classes with a value of MRS - minimum required strength- . MRS is the value of strenght for polyethlene raw material s resistant to internal pressure at 20°C in 50 year period of time .

  • What is SDR ?

    Refers to the Standars Aspect Ratio.Is a parameter used in the definition of pipes,and is the ratio of the outside diameter to the wall thickness.

  • How to combine Pe pipes?

    Pe pipes can be combined by using electrofusion,butt welding and mechanical (push-fit) fittings.

  • At what degree PE pipes can be welded?

    HDPE pipes must be welded between 0-40 C degree.In case of to make welding at minus degrees,its recommended to set a welding tent.

  • What is PVC ?

    PVC is acronym of Polyvinyl Chloride term.PVC is kind of petrochemistry product and plastic derivative.And it appears in many areas of our lives.As can be understood in terms PVC window,PVC pipe,PVC coating are used in a wide range.

  • What PVC pipe subserve to ?

    PVC pipes are used in the following areas * Potable water networks * Agricultural irrigation networks * Waste water networks * Sewage networks * Industrial facilities * Fire lines * Swimming pools * Discharge canals * Cable protection insulation.

  • Which certificates must have the pipe producer firms ?

    Pipe manufacturer firms minimum must have got Quality system certificate of ISO9000 and TSE.

  • Which tests pipe manufacturers have to make ?

    Pipe manufacturers have to make some tests due to TSE and EN standarts according to product groups.The main tests are listed below. * Density Test * Elongation at break test * Internal Pressure Test * MFI test * Ashes test * Ring Stiffness control * Impact test.

  • When Kuzeyboru began to production ?

    Kuzeyboru pipe factory began to pipe production in 2005.

  • Does Kuzeyboru make pipe production in special diameters ?

    We as Kuzeyboru aim to keep a high level of customer satisfaction.Therefore,we evaluate for the spesific requerements and we make production for approved quantity and diameters.

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