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Huge Investment from Kuzeyboru to Guinea

Huge Investment from Kuzeyboru to Guinea

25 Agust 2020

Kuzeyboru became the first choice of the government of Guinea in the biggest mining project of the West African country Guinea.

In the project, which is one of the biggest investments of Africa and carried out in cooperation with the Canadian Gold Mining Company, Kuzeyboru has completed the shipment of 625 containers Hdpe 100 pipes with a diameter of 315mm - 800mm from Aksaray.

The project is of great importance in Guinea, which is 5300 km away, and in the world, which derives a significant part of the country's national income from the mining sector.

Our company, which is an expert in HDPE pipes, the favorite pipe of mining projects, has also signed a 3-month production with professional technical support as a follower of the project from the beginning to the end.

Our company, which has been producing in similar projects many times before, has become the first choice.

As Kuzeyboru, we are proud to be involved in such an important project in West Africa and to represent our country.

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