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13 December 2021

"Akon City", which was started by the Senegalese-American singer and entrepreneur Akon and continues to be built in Senegal, preferred Kuzeyboru.

We are there in Akon City,  futuristic City, which has cost 6 billion dollars until now the project and will cost billions of dollars until the end of the project, with our pipes spread over an area of 230 kilometers on land of 260 hectares. The project is planned to include large skyscrapers, shopping malls, a technology center, music studios, "Senewood" (film set), and environmentally friendly tourism centers. In addition, the cryptocurrency plan “Akoin” established by Akon will be used as the central currency. Saying that he was inspired by the Black Panther movie, Akon embodied the expectation by saying "a Wakanda in real life".

The development of Akon City is envisioned to be a ten-year project with mixed-use development. Akon says the 2,000-acre city will be a smart city that is environmentally friendly and powered by renewable energy, including solar power. Akon City also draws attention as it is the first LEED-certified project. The city will welcome all members of the African diaspora like a home away from home. The primary objective of the project is to stimulate the local economy and create employment for local workers.

Akon City's developers are Los Angeles-based KE International and Dubai-based Bakri & Associates Development Consultants. Hüseyin Bakri, CEO of Bakri & Associates, is the chief architect. Phase 1: Expected to be completed by 2023, there will be the Hamptons Hospital campus, Hamptons Mall, residences, hotels, a police station, a school, a waste facility, parks, and a photovoltaic solar power plant. In Phase 2: Project plans for full use are expected between 2024 to 2029.

“When we were consulted for the infrastructure of this futuristic city with big investments, we understood that we would sign this project with our experience.” Özgüner GÜLER, the foreign marketing manager, stated that they direct every step of the projects together with the drawing, not only do they provide consultancy, but also produce the necessary pipes specially for the 260-hectare area with our experienced team, make the necessary controls after the installation and deliver them to the relevant parties.

Stating that Kuzeyboru has its signatures in 97 countries of the world, GÜLER stated that our struggle for our slogan, which is a sought-after brand in the world, will continue uninterruptedly, and that they will continue to set an example for our competitors both in the domestic market and in the foreign market. Adding that as Kuzeyboru they are always a supporter of sports, GÜLER added that the Kuzeyboru Volleyball team will appear in Europe this year, and concluded his words by saying that we love our job and thanks to this, we have become the supplier of the most prestigious projects in the world.

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