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Kuzeyboru Polyethylene Pipes are the indispensable of you which we produce in the desired diameters between 20 mm - 1200 mm and Pn4-Pn32 pressure classes with high performance and high quality. You can download Kuzeyboru Hdpe Pipe Company price list in PDF format by clicking and you can have information by calling +90 382 266 23 03.

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Polyethylene Pipe Fittings

Kuzeyboru HDPE Electrofusion fittings are produced in superior quality and checked one by one and shipped. The ease of application and ergonomic hdpe electrofuison fittings are at the service of our valued customers on the basis of high quality and reasonable price. Electro Fusion Fittings in the HDPE Fittings Group are used with Hdpe (Pe100) piping systems in pressurized water systems and Pe 80 pipe systems and natural gas pipes. Kuzeyboru Ef Fittings have been used in many projects all over the world.

Polyethylene Pipe Manufacturer

As one of the best Polyethylene pipe manufacturers and sellers in the industry, KUZEYBORU sends its pipes all over the world as a water pipe manufacturer. With its high quality and reasonable price, plastic water pipe offers the most suitable solution to its customers. Turkey's water pipes and fittings manufacturer KUZEYBORU, are guaranteed the best price.Contact us for Kuzeyboru Pe Pipes with wide usage area that you can use in your Hdpe water line projects. Polyethylene pipe manufacturer, plastic pipe fittings manufacturer, leader brand in the industry Kuzeyboru, all your projects with you. You can reach Polyethylene pipe manufacturer Kuzeyboru by e-mail to get the Polyethylene pipe catalog.

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General Properties of Polyethylene Pipes

Petrochemical developments have resulted in end-to-end developments in the diversity of plastic raw materials. Pe raw materials (PE 32 - LDPE) are found in the first form and that are used in drinking water pipes from 1950’s. PE 63 raw material was developed and used in low pressure systems and it could be used in natural gas systems with maximum 4 bar. After PE 63, PE 80 raw materials were started to be used. It was used in drinking water and natural gas networks. In the beginning of 1990, PE 100 raw materials have become an economic solution in providing a high performance for drinking water and natural gas networks.

Hdpe Pipe Weight

Polyethylene Pipe Wall Thickness

Even the external conditions in the production region affect these tolerance values. Polyethylene pipe measurements such as Polyethylene pipe wall thickness, Polyethylene pipe diameters, Polyethylene pipe weight are calculated based on the mentioned tolerance values. Hdpe Pipe, Polyethylene are ranked according to strength classified according to the density of previous technological developments. Polyethylene pipe Pn4-Pn32 can be done between the manufacture of Polyethylene pressure pipe system , and the special production pipe of the desired diameter and size. The pipe pressure classes have been subjected to , many tests especially during transport of drinking water. As a result of the Polyethylene pipe tests, all the reports are positive, there is no harmful effect on human life.

Polyethylene Raw Material Properties

The date in 1950 PE 32 class low density polyethylene pipes with the developing technology today 3rd generation PE 100 raw material with drinking water lines sea water treatment plants biological treatment plants swimming pool pipes sea discharge lines attractive flow water lines gas power plants has been an economical and high performance solution in many areas such as garden irrigation lines compressed air lines cooling-heating lines insulation for pre-insulated pipes and sewer lines. Polyethylene in a thermoplastic polymer represented by the general formula (C2H4)n that crude oil. The production availability and price of the raw material depend entirely on crude oil.

Low-density polyethylene raw material (LDPE)

• Medium-density polyethylene raw material (MDPE)

High density polyethylene raw material (HDPE) for the production of Polyethylene raw material which is the most preferred product due to its high performance and economy as well as its long lasting strength compared to other raw material types in its field that used in crude oil. That is to say the production availability and price of the polyethylene raw material depend entirely on crude oil. Furthermore polyethylene has many superior properties compared to other thermoplastics. Some of these are;

* Resistant to weather conditions

* High resistance to tear and pressure

* High resistance against voltage cracking

* -30 to -60 degrees of durability

* Corrosion resistance

* Easy and reliable mounting

* Reduced friction losses compared to metal pipes

* Lower flow noise

* Electrical complete insulation very good thermal insulation

* Non-toxic.

* Suitable for radioactive waste.

Classification of Polyethylene Pipes

MRS; It is classified with the raw materials used in the production of polyethylene pipes and fittings. MRS is the strength value of the material at internal pressure for 50 years at 20 oC. 



PE  32


PE  40


PE  63


PE  80


PE  10


• To working conditions in PE100 pipes ambient temperature pressure and fluid properties

• Chemical structure of HDPE raw material

• Kuzeyboru Hdpe pipes for the use of pipe laying of soil conditions of soiling and chemical structure of the soil.

• The joint conditions applied during the PE 100 pipe laying have an impact on the service life of the pipes. Kuzeyboru HDPE pipes have a minimum lifetime of 50 years and are valid at a temperature of 20 oC. Hdpe pipe life may also vary with chemical bonding with HDPE material. . Our web site includes all Hdpe Pipe Products List in our production and all technical details are available.


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