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We Continue To Invest For EVERYONE To HOPE For The Future

We Continue To Invest For EVERYONE To HOPE For The Future

17 June 2020

Kuzeyboru continues its investment in Aksaray 3. Organized Industrial Zone 3. Enlargement area without slowing down. We are proud to produce Water systems that have a direct impact on human health with our pipes, while the importance of health for human life has been accepted by everyone.

Through constant innovation and focused research and development, Kuzeyboru is uniquely positioned to offer solutions that help deal with the pressures placed on urban environments and natural resources. We know that by continuing this investment at full speed, we will give hope to our customers, employees, suppliers and all our people who seek morale in these bad days. With our new investment, we will deliver water to this region in the healthiest way and transfer wastewater without any leakage , at the same time which will generate employment with a total production area of 115,000 m².

Taking all the health precautions, continuing our investment, producing and maintaining the shipment is the biggest Battle aganist Covid19 in these days. Kuzeyboru

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