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Dredging Pipes General Features

Dredging pipes are produced from polyethylene raw material. Dredging Pipes are welded with flanges and flange adapters. We produce from Q160 up to Q600 diameter. Due to the high resistance of the polyethylene, which has shown chemical resistance, it is served for at least 50 years without being affected by sea salt. Treatment plants are primarily subjected to pre-treatment, which is known as the cleaning of solid wastes that can be trapped in the wastewater. It then goes through biological purification with bacteria. If the bacteria are produced and cleaned in biological treatment plants, the obtained water can be reused as drinking water. It is a very good investment for settlements with drinking water resources.

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Dredging Pipes Usage areas

The largest source of facilities is the nature itself. Sewage waters that pass through the pretreatment process cause a very bad odor in the seas when they are given to the sea. The water is not cleaned. The reason for this is that the wastewater concentration is high and that the bacteria do not have the oxygen needed. For this reason it is necessary to bring the water to the sea current in order to decrease (dilute) the concentration of the wastewater. Thus, the wastewater with high concentration will be diluted and will not contain the oxygen needed by the bacteria. Sea discharge pipes are needed for all these operations. We produce Dredging Pipes, HDPE pipes and after comprehensive technical studies, we source them together with our expert team to reach the project owners.

Dredging Pipe Specifications

Dredging Pipes can be produced in different pipe lengths, they are usually produced in different forms in accordance with the lengths of the container, 11.8 in length or 12 m / 13.5 m in the shipments to be realized by truck, with welded, extruder welded and electrofusion welded joints. The two sides are joined by flange and flange adapters. There is no need for additional parts in welding operations. Ventilation chimneys are used where attachments are to be used.

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