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Kuzeyboru Electrofusion Machines

Electrofusion welding made by the Kuzeyboru Electrofusion Welding Machine is mostly used in the hard terrain areas where could not be appy the normal welding conditions and repairing in narrow spaces. Kuzeyboru hdpe electrofusion fittings are using with the electrofusion welding machine. You can find detailed informations about Kuzeyboru electrofusion fittings, combinations and methods on our web site. Electro Fusion Welding Services in Hdpe Pipe fittings group; with the diameter of 20 mm up to 1200 mm HDPE Ef Elbow, Hdpe Ef Coupler, Hdpe Ef Tee, Hdpe EF Reduction, Hdpe Ef Service Tee, HDPE Ef Saddles which we are doing production and welding with the best quality. We also providing consultancy and all kind of installation solutions. Contact us to get best price.

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