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Kuzeyboru In Italy

Kuzeyboru In Italy

23 March 2018

Kuzeyboru continues its overseas operations with its office in Italy. With its high quality and performance, Kuzeyboru has completed its part of its work in Milan in Italy to provide world-class service on infrastructure and superstructure plastic pipes and fittings. Kuzeyboru continued its activities in Russia and in Qatar. Accelerating with positive reactions from its customers, Kuzeyboru has continued its works in Italy. With its studies in Italy, Kuzeyboru will fulfil the principle of customer satisfaction closer to its customers.

Having a say in the infrastructure of the world, Kuzeyboru is very excited to serve its customers in Italy and its surrounding areas with its high quality Polyethylene Pipe, Corrugated Pipe ,Drainage Pipes and other infrastructure products. In the 71 countries where Kuzeyboru has been signed on the infrastructure, and in order to have a say in the world, being on the road with its customers is enjoying the happiness of being close to them. We would like to give the information that we will continue our work in the same way. You can follow activities of Kuzeyboru on our web site.

ITALY Address:
Via Vincenz Monti 6 Milano | ITALY
Tel : + 39 02 4671 2744
Fax : + 39 02 4801 3233
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