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Kuzeyboru In Qatar

Kuzeyboru In Qatar

07 December 2017

Customer satisfaction and quality goals set out with the vision and working to react more quickly to customer base in the region residues with KUZEYBORU QATAR office. In this project, which will be implemented all over the world, Kuzeyboru Polyethylene Pipe, Corrugated Pipe, Dredging Pipe, Drainage Pipes and other infrastructure and superstructure products will have a say in the infrastructure of the world as well as closer to its customers. Kuzeyboru Qatar to be closer to the customer while enjoying the pleasure and happiness of the same way in other countries will start to experience the excitement in the work we would like to enjoy the excitement already. You can follow this work on our website that Kuzeyboru will dominate the world. QATAR Address: Palm Tower, Block B 15 Th Floor West Bay P.O Box 26600 Doha | STATE OF QATAR Tel: + 974 4034 2072 Fax: + 974 4034 2020

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