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 Kuzeyboru Target Meetıng 2020 At Kıev

Kuzeyboru Target Meetıng 2020 At Kıev

17 June 2020

Kuzeyboru held the first camp of the year in Ukraine between 28 January - 02 February. In the meeting held in Hotel Khreschatyk Kiev, the subject of meeting took place about evaluation of 2019, which was passed successfully, and goals which to be aimed in 2020.

The opening speech on behalf of the Management of Kuzeyboru held by Mr Bülent Karaman at the target meeting by stating ; " We, as KUZEYBORU PLASTIC, became the most preferred company in Domestic Market and International Market. I would like to thank all of you on behalf of Management Of Kuzeyboru for being part of a growing family day by day and for rising Kuzeyboru to the top by achieving our goals. I am sure that our developing and growing , will take our company further in 2020. We will add wider capacity to our powerfull side and will become stronger with our new production building, which will be operational in April. I wish you a successful year and a pleasant camp period. ” Sales and Marketing Manager Habib Özbek stated in his speech ; “We have no doubt that we had a successful year for 2019, and we achieved success with 93% of our customers who received an offer from us this year. Being the preferred company makes business more competetive and maks us more determined each year. We are in trade with 114 countries in the world. Kuzeyboru became the leading brand in Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe and HDPE Pipe in 2019. A proud picture is in front of us. In the new year, we will respond to customer demands faster with our machinery investments in our new production building. We will continue to be at the top of the sector by improving our product range. 2019 was a very successful year for the Kuzeyboru Family. Now, in 2020, we want to have a more successful year than 2019. We are ready for that. ” said.

Kuzeyboru Architect Mehmet Emin TOPGAÇ gave information about new production investment, administrative and social facilities that will start until the second half of 2020, which designed with an innovative and boutique approach. The departments that successfully accomplished their targets rewarded by the Chairman Of Kuzeyboru following the Target Meeting.

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