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ROMANIA Infrastructure from Kuzeyboru

ROMANIA Infrastructure from Kuzeyboru

23 March 2018

2015 European Olympic performing successfully with all the infrastructure work of the Georgian hosts which is the pride of our country, with each company with which we did trade is shown as examples of our work today, our company continues to work with a great devotion to our country in line with the objectives of foreign trade. The network continues to improve every day, and today KUZEYBORU has traded with 61 countries of the world and is continuing its trade with Romanian company reagarding infrastructure work. And now KUZEYBORU has completed all the preparations for infrastructure work to be done in Romania. The products which has been prepared for trade are ready to ship without resuming the trade going on.

The changing infrastructure systems in Romania and as being like family with kuzeyboru. KUZEYBORU has launched its product in its rural area known as Brailia by Installing the Pipes which is the first contract of Kuzeyboru with Romania. Other deliveries are planned to be completed in June. Meanwhile KUZEYBORU technical teams took place in the villages by welding the equipment field. After 25-day study of the project for production, customers with shipments from a major program to support field operations and weldings We have the best solution for it.

A team of 7 people from Romania has visited us and we took them to the hostorical places such as hidden churches and Ihlara valley and share the hostorical information about these places with them. Together with our customers found to contribute to our country's trade as a spart of the KUZEYBORU family at the same time, we continued as usual to be a tourism ambassador.

As being KUZEYBORU with same commitment and dedication our work will continue at full speed. Regards

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