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Kirkuk Preferred the Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe

Kuzeyboru has completed the project with the contractor partners who made several project in the capital city of Iraq Baghdad, Dubai, Oman, İstanbul and many others metropolietan cities with their choosed brand Kuzeyboru and joined the latest project with the  partner of the company by 2.300 dwelling Italian City villa projects where the engineering company Kirkuk has started to building.

The Kirkuk government has signed an agreement to renovate underground sewage and rainwater for USD 2.800.000 has supported all the infrastructure pipelines that it needs based on the project by using steel reinforced spiral pipes produced in Kuzeyboru plastic pipes companies.

The products complete a total of 263 trucks were shipped to be used in the Project and the Kuzeyboru plastic pipe company once again demonstrated its success in this area.

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